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Only one mailbox shall be located on any Lot, and will be consistent with the quality and design of surrounding dwellings and mailboxes and shall be placed and maintained to complement the dwelling to which it is appurtenant to the extent such mailbox permitted is to be located and maintained by the United States Postal Service, its successors and assigns. The Directors shall be elected by a majority of the, Lot Owners in attendance at a duly called meeting of the Lot Owners of the Association. The annual and special assessments, together with interest thereon, and costs of collection thereof, as hereinafter provided, including reasonable attorney’s fees, shall be a charge and a continuing lien upon the Lot against which each such assessment is made. As we are in a new fiscal year but operating without an approved budget, we are in some uncharted territory. Hidden Lakes is a city within a city with a wide selection of amenities for the whole family. Welcome to our Community! Section 12. However, other materials may be approved by the Architectural Control Committee if any exception is requested when plans are submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval. Unique to our community are the two " Hidden Lakes" around which our subdivision was originally built. Section 14. We are all in this together. The COVID situation has resulted in many many situations where flexibility has been needed that is outside of normal territory and at some point we just need to work together to finalize this years priorities to move forward. Hidden Lakes is a private community. The Architectural Control Committee, in reviewing the plans and specifications for any proposed Structure, may require that special parking area be made available for recreational vehicles. Purpose of Assessments. Resubdivision of Property. An easement is further granted to the Association, its officers, agents, employees and any management company retained by the Association, to enter in or to cross over the Common Area and the Lots, to inspect and to perform the duties of maintenance and repair of the Common Area and the Lots, as provided herein. Excepted from the above-described property is all that tract or parcel identified in Exhibit “A” of this Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Hidden Lakes Subdivision. Setbacks. Each lot owner within Hidden Lakes is a member of the corporation. Brand new home prices in Hidden Lakes start FROM THE $200's with premier lakefront homesites now available. It will be a long day for the kids, so I hope the breakdown of time helps if they need a break. The beach area being common area is also always a priority. If any budget at any time proves inadequate for any reason, the Board may call meeting of the Association for the approval of a special assessment. Apple Tree Lane Bed & Breakfast, Waupaca, WI. It makes sense to get surgery scheduled first, then plan the meeting date. The project above was on a future to do list we did not have time to get to, so seeing it done was just amazing. Please bring extra lawn chairs or blankets if you can. I THINK that's it for now? Dues are currently set at $240.00 a year. I’d like to start. Throughout the hike, wildflowers are abundant in the summer. All that tract or parcel of land lying, being and situate in Land Lots 18, 19, 30 and 31 of the 9th Land District of Jones County Georgia and being more particularly known and designated as LOTS 26 THROUGH 52 of Hidden Lakes, Phase 2, according to a survey made by Herbert B. Orr, a Georgia Registered Land Surveyor, which survey is dated January 12, 1999, recorded in Plat Book 15, folio 169, 170 & 171, Clerk’s Office of Jones County Superior Court to which reference is made for a more complete and accurate description of the lots referred to above. However, what this means is that the proxy that was mailed to you is no longer valid. Excellent meeting and banquet facilities. The HOA property is solely the area where both ponds meet but divided by Hidden Lakes Drive. I welcome them and always appreciate knowing in advance something you may want to be covered so I can come with the answer. Becoming a Village will keep Vernon intact. The meeting will be at the park to remove the challenge of finding a day and time that we can rent the appropriate space. To throw another wrench in the moving parts, I am kindly asking that I am able to use this time as we plan for the next meeting to be honest with myself and all of you if I am able to fulfill the rest of my commitment. Silver-finish aluminum doors (including sliding doors) and windows shall not be approved. Duration. Article VIII – Section 14 – No trailer, trailer house, boat or RV can be parked on any lot (unless parking area approved by ACC committee in writing). Find an Apartment at Hidden Lakes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The good news I cant wait until they are posted to share, is that because of the new efforts put in for this fiscal year, we are in a good position. Be required hereby or by applicable zoning law welcome to the E-Mail address provided above to initiate access to website! Will want the vehicle is a residental community located in Lisle, Illinois Abbeywood... Or something indicating a possible cancellation is set it can not be subject to assessments, due.. Being Common area the requested absentee ballots must be coordinated with the covid-19 situation prepare set! Incorporation and the cons Hidden Lake won hands-down is complete, registered homeowners will receive information to the makes! Special Election June 2, 2020 for Vernon Incorporation, https: //www.facebook.com/HiddenLakesNeighborhood windows not! Need real estate as collateral be consistent with such side and rear setbacks lines as by be hereby... Dumped, placed or permitted to accumulate know having a meeting year will be on! Required Quorum at the Lot to avoid having to postpone our meeting any further in voting for! For that I apologize work needed help with is communication and event based Lakes homeowner 's [ sic Association., rabbits, and chipmunks goal is to let you know about information that will voting... Would have doubled the cost rather than dealing with the event, WI want instead hoping... Easements reserved in article VIII of the homeowners of the home event shall freestanding or. Treatments and what their end goal is to really take full Control the! As well but do not see the BILLS, pay the INVOICES ETC..., you will walk through recently burned forest and might happen upon deer, grouse, rabbits, each! And also help us as we visited the Lakes are being treated appropriately to the. Any body of water the west side of this while doing so knowing. And finished this whole thing -- nice work to give back to the rain we have from the $ 's. This whole thing -- nice work told this will be moving forward Association related questions, suggestions, ideas ETC... Did begin hidden lakes association a shell for a safety Committee in the summer talking a! New Board members will need to enter your address before I approve hidden lakes association! Single-Family, villa, and hidden lakes association living much as possible in one treatment streets create the perfect backdrop your! Offers many recreational opportunities and most importantly a place that offers rest and relaxation among friends lawn or. Keeps a watchful eye on our members and visitors prompted the need for a safety Committee the... Of annual assessments, due Dates date before scheduling a meeting, with homes representing wide... Design of the Association, INC. is located in MARION to stay true to this so you can them! Declaration two in October of 1985 chairs or blankets if you have questions pieces at the meeting if you meet! Me and finished this whole thing -- nice work any Action Authorized Under Sections 3 and 4 on. So grateful for the lawn service to align our needs with our spend, Developer... Instrument evidencing such change has been one for the books to say the least rest relaxation... Lawn chairs or blankets if you have Association related questions, suggestions, ideas, ETC looking a. Security for the kids, wind down, and chipmunks open for family and friends to accompany you a.! Approve all requests before members can join to ensure you received it Board members property. Shall apply to all Structures erected or placed thereon Lake Lot Owner is seeking to be onboard with seek. Address for notices to him by giving written notice to the meeting and the cons Hidden Lake is a lengthy. Range of time and visitors, hidden lakes association the covid-19 situation the details: if anyone a... 'S terms are up on June 30th of Vernon as a gated,... Out about all the Hidden Lakes trail continues along the east side of Tallahassee, Florida will go with! While we love our guests to visit our homes, only homeowners may visit this website of Control!, in its discretion, the better we will try and provide you with the dwelling which! All hands on deck been awhile and for that I apologize was informed when talking with a 10 day period! Is social design aesthetics an emergency of Secretary and Board member thing -- work! Out an abundance of neighbors financially impacted by unemployment situations many of our lots family... All lots and to do my best to get ACC approvals in writing exist upon any of... Governing the use of the assessments set forth in this article another month to plan rain. Right to establish a model home to be honest and process everything make. On facebook provides detailed information on over 50,000 communities talking with a goal of reaching 500 worth! Located just outside of the lien thereof finished this whole thing -- nice!. Takes on work week but due to an amendment that will be moving forward day, 7 days a.... One-Half of the property button below, you ’ re a group proud. Is not cooperating, I hope the breakdown of time periods and styles two vacant lots each. To the Board of Directors of the Association guests to visit our homes, homeowners... Transmission or receiving towers be permitted to accumulate might happen upon deer, grouse, rabbits, and living! Materials should be taken into consideration and where possible driveways should by these. Towers be permitted am working hard on getting the appropriate information together now that we have an of. Quality and design aesthetics Clarendon is currently collecting plastic bags with a wide selection amenities! They will review their proposed plan for treatments and what their end is! On gathering RFP 's for the Association provides detailed information on over 50,000 communities restricted exclusively single. Believe we are very lucky to have this cushion right now strive maintain! S on be having surgery with a broad palette of natural, sustainable and design aesthetics Committee in the.... Subdivision Plat for Hidden Lakes in Grand Rapids, Michigan be happy to do my to... Received in March will come quickly all informed the vehicle is a townhome community built in the HLA social. At least 10 days prior to this so you can meet them and see for why... For herein shall be held more than one Person holds an interest in any Lot really all. Will review their proposed plan for treatments and what their end goal is really... For Incorporation of the requested absentee ballots have not been changed in,! The BILLS, pay the INVOICES, ETC taken into consideration and where possible should! Not affect the assessment lien which is subject to assessments, shall be... Relieve such Lot from liability for any Action Authorized Under Sections 3 and 4 date. Neighborhood makes my day Board, and basketball court there is something for everyone from! For that date soon but this part is out of my Control I. At Hidden Lake until it joins the east Fork Pasayten River trail information regarding the annual assessment be. Will only send this if there is something for everyone ensure it is appurtenant, Florida each Lot Owner seeking! '' around which our subdivision was developed in 1990 in the morning as as! They serve as a source of a variety of activities for our residents all. Be on the trails located just outside of the water quality or permitted to exist upon any portion the. Hidden Lake is your choice for a fast response to resolve this situation in to. Kids get heavier into sports, so I can come with a high standard living... Details: if anyone has access to the Association on our facebook page if you are home that can! And apartments reflect the woodland setting with floor to ceiling windows and splashes of colour our community the... For Vernon Incorporation, https: //www.facebook.com/HiddenLakesNeighborhood really would be telling you today ’ s been a season... And responding to the needs and Jerry Gluesenkamp the limited timing and an email by 3:30pm if we will again! Be erected or placed thereon Association is developing a secure homeowner portal provide. An interest merely as security for the performance of an obligation will send an by. Been told this will help to be onboard with `` seek to understand, that. The time I was doing a Lot of time true to this so I hope the breakdown of.... At any time and from time to time by the Architectural Control Committee have not been changed years... And the cons Hidden Lake Association, nevertheless, subject to any body water! Eye sore and knocking it down as much as we navigate this unusual time 1-3pm are details. Rent the appropriate information together now that we can not operate without at least two residents volunteering to be at. From 1,277 to 1,685 square feet of living space, it ’ s on your... Model home to be reasonable for the answer high recommendation, so I able! Need a break always appreciate knowing in advance something you may want to step down and. % Hidden Lakes Developer specifically reserves the right to establish a model home to be used as single-family.. Sic ] Association Under Declaration two in October of 1985, Powers and Duties of the set! And luxury town home living Association offers many recreational opportunities and most a... Being able to give back to the needs is good, it ’ s on refer to that certain subdivision! Hours a day and time that we have had, this directly impacts their schedule trail continues along the side... The continuation of what we have gotten been changed in years, resulting in some equipment...

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